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1. Personal Account Price

Fee typeFee/rate
Individual AccountAccount Opening Processing Fee (applicable to international users) ã€€$150 AUD
Account Activation Minimum Deposit   (applicable to international users)  $700 AUD
Monthly Maintenance Fee (applicable to international users)  $15 AUD
Service Charge for TransferTop up/Deposit from other Bano Accounts  $0 AUD
Transfer to other Bano Accounts  $0 AUD
Top up/Deposit from other Australia financial institutions $0 AUD
Transfer to Other Australia Financial Institutions $0 AUD
Incoming SWIFT $14 AUD per transaction
Outgoing SWIFT ã€€$55 AUD per transaction
Transfer Return/ Cancellation Request $28 AUD per transaction
Investigation of Sent SWIFT Transfer  $35 AUD per transaction